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“How do you think you would feel if – you were happier, wealthier, more attractive, more comfortable with yourself, a better communicator and you experience less fears, stress, worries, doubts and insecurities?

Recent research shows that less than fifteen percent of people are happy with the quality of life they are experiencing, that’s a staggering eighty five percent of people who are NOT!

Mark Csabai - Better Living through Better Thinking

Let’s be honest, everybody wants to improve their quality of life in some way or another – The Good News is when you improve your level of self-esteem life becomes a whole lot easier.

The vast majority of people live a life far below their full potential. They lead lives of dis-empowerment due to the enslavement of their own thoughts.

The question is, how do you perceive reality and fantasy, how do you know what is true and untrue in your life. Do you know what is light and what is dark in your life? What is right what is wrong? What is beautiful what is ugly?
Do you know your own truth? What do you see, as truth in you? What do you focus on? Generally, you will see the answer reflected in your experiences.

What is real and what is unreal will depend upon what you believe in, and that belief will manifest itself in your reality. So, what you believe in will essentially manifest itself in the way you live your life, the way you treat people, the way you conduct business, the way you lead and guide your family.

Basically, everything you do in life springs from your own belief system, which is your life’s foundation.

You are a creature of habit NOT instinct. Everything you do is a learned behaviour! Learning something new is easy, having to unlearn and relearn something can be very frustrating and difficult. Sometimes, it seems impossible to change that which you have learned. Because what you have learned has become a habit and habits are unconscious actions, they are automatic; you don’t have to think about it, you just do it!

These habits are like strongholds in your mind, they are fortresses they are firmly established upon the foundation of your belief system, and they stand ready to repel any intruder they see as a threat to their greatness. And that’s what makes a habit so great especially if they are good strong constructive habits, habits that enrich and compliment your life, habits that continually fuel your quest for excellence, order and growth. But what if that habit is a destructive habit? A habit that continually comprises your life, places you in a position of shame, humility, failure and maybe even danger?

The purpose of this site, is to help you recognize and deal with negative destructive habits, habits that would often times eclipse the mind into making choices that would later turn to regret.

Are you ready to…

find balance in your life, live healthier, live happier, have more energy, communicate better, work smarter, have more time, achieve your goals, or be more passionate about life?

Then join me, on this incredible journey of self discovery, and begin to enjoy the POWER and the sheer BEAUTY of being YOU!

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Mark Csabai

Mark has extensive experience in teaching and social work, specializing in human behaviour and personal development. As an Educator and human behaviour specialist, Mark will help you unleash the potential for growth and success within.

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Hi, I'm , NLP Practioner, empowerment coach, entrepreneur, business and personal motivator.

On this site I share some simple and easy to understand principles about living an inspired and authentic life.

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