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The Unfair Life


Many of us see life as not being fair! There are people who are continually sick, families who constantly struggle, the rich always seem to get richer, while the poor remain in poverty. On the surface, it would seem that life isn’t fair. What makes life unfair is our expectations of life. You see, when you base your expectations on how you think people and situations should be, you will always see life as unfair. All the disorder you see around you is nothing more than Chaotic Order, and all the unpredictability of destruction, injustice, and trauma are facades to higher consciousness and events. It is our beliefs that shape our experiences in life, is life really unfair, or are you just living out your beliefs?

Mark Csabai

Mark has extensive experience in teaching and social work, specializing in human behaviour and personal development. As an Educator and human behaviour specialist, Mark will help you unleash the potential for growth and success within.

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Hi, I'm , NLP Practioner, empowerment coach, entrepreneur, business and personal motivator.

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